Car-Free Diet Shop Talk – Northside Social

Chelsea Christ talks about how easy it is to walk, bike or ride to Northside Social.

Washington City Paper

“A twist on wine tastings that’s easy to swallow.”

“…what sommelier Alison Christ and the chefs at Arlington’s Northside Social regularly whip up under the name of “tastings” is like a little gift: Neither wine classes nor stuffy formal meals, these events are convivial winemaker mini-dinners, perfect date nights where the pours of wine are generous and the food pairings, though small, can be downright stunning.”

THE WASHINGTON POST – January 6, 2012

Washington City Paper“Starbuck’s has nothing on Northside Social…Clarendon coffee shop’s charms go way beyond the cup…the damndest little coffee shop you’ve ever seen.”

CITY PAPER – May 28, 2010

Washingtonian - Best of Washington 2011Best Breakfast Foods in Washington – Best Breakfast Sandwich
If there are better breakfast sandwiches in Washington than those at Northside Social, we haven’t found any. Lots of the sandwiches’ high-end ingredients—including thick bacon and English muffins—are made in-house or at sister restaurant Liberty Tavern. Our favorite—maple sausage, a runny poached Virginia egg, and Vermont cheddar—is the best use of a five-spot in the morning.”

– WASHINGTONIAN – Best of Washington 2011

Northern Virginia Magazine“Best New Restaurants 2011.”


Washingtonian“Recipe Sleuth: Northside Social’s Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies”


ABBIES“Best New Business – Northside Social”

– 2010 Arlington’s Best Business Awards (ABBIES)



The Examiner“Northside Social is the perfect place…to eat, caffeinate, and people watch.”

THE EXAMINER – June 8, 2010

Falls Church TImes“Breakfast in Bed.”

FALLS CHURCH TIMES – January 21, 2011